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  • RADYO 5.3 released. Still no competitors?

    Posted on December 5th, 2011 Cahit Crcioglu No comments

    RADYO 5.3 has been released recently. With this version RADYO now can also convert your radio recordings to ringtones

    For the title of this post,…
    Why RADYO beats Tune In and other (name it yourself) radio applications can be seen on the comparison page located at: http://iphoneradyo.com/faq/comparison-of-mobile-radio-applications

    Sorry, if you are not using RADYO, yes you really miss lots of great features, where nearly none of them does exist in your favorite radio application (:


    Note: If you think this comparison is wrong and your favorite radio application has far superior features, leaving RADYO far behind, please write here; i’ll approve every comment.

    After 3 years, RADYO is still the most stabile, crash-free, advanced and INSPIRATIONAL radio application in galaxy.

    If you read the word “MOST”, there must be something. Either i am right or i am too smug; try RADYO and decide it yourself.