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  • One way thinking of digital broadcast providers

    Posted on November 22nd, 2011 Cahit Crcioglu 1 comment

    Eventhough i have written “providers”, i’ll be writing only for those located in Turkey.

    I am a long-time customer of one of these providers. Recently, they said that there is a problem with the digital receivers and these receivers should be replaced with the newer ones. (for free)

    I learned that the problem they are talking about, is not a hardware problem, in fact, not a real problem. This is just to make people quickly change their digital receivers with the newer ones.

    Why do they want to change these boxes?

    The problem they are talking about is “exchanging crypto cards/digital provider cards between different receivers”. New receivers are configured to run only with their own card. So, new scenario will be exchanging receivers instead of cards. This was not planned to prevent card exchanges in a house of a family, but for commercial purposes outside of the house. (It’s said so)

    In fact, this change doesn’t really prevent that usage. It is obvious that, this provider wants their customers to buy more than one premium package instead of switching economy package with premium package according to where they watch their TV; people will get bored switching the entire device from room to room and they will buy another premium package. That may be a marketing strategy, to push the limits of the profit. I can not comment on that but i can comment on “there is problem in your digital receiver and you have to get it replaced as soon as possible!”, Oh my! It’s going to blow! I have to replace it as soon as possible! Ok, name it yourself. How do you call it? Read the rest of this entry »

  • Radyo,The App Store Winner of September

    Posted on October 10th, 2009 Cahit Crcioglu No comments

    Radyo reached to the top of the App Store in the day it was published. It stayed as the number one in all paid applications list for 30 days and stayed in top 100 in some other countries. It’s still moving up and down in Top 10. Now the next BIG version of Radyo is coming. With the version 2.0, Radyo is not only for Turkish people and it doesn’t only include Turkey for the radio region. New interface languages including English and Deutsch ( expect more languages ) and selectable radio regions include United Kingdom, Germany, Sweden and more!

    For those who can’t (don’t want to) pay for the application and who are curious about the new version, we have a demo video:

    You can watch it from

  • Harmless Future Optimizations for xillions

    Posted on August 27th, 2009 Cahit Crcioglu No comments

    Recently, there has been found a bug in iPhone’s camera roll display system. It’s related to the number of images taken with iPhone; if you take at least 10000 photos, you’ll face with this problem. Before returning to this topic, i want to tell about some similar problems:

    When i was working for Nokta Inc. (www.nokta.com) and creating a clustering system for uploaded images, i wanted to extend possibilities and push the limits for image and user counts. Any technic might work, but according to your solution, there might be so many works that you can not handle in necessary time; not feasible. So this could ruin the project’s evolving process and project plans. You might have to re-write many codes, redesign the whole system, maybe shut the sytem for a while… Because of this, i thought “what if every person in this world uses this system with more than one account”, people laughed at me in Nokta. But i designed it in my way ( in the same time duration ). Currently i’m not working in Nokta, but if they don’t rewrite the whole code, they won’t be facing with problems related to uploaded images system for a really long time. (However.. trying to seperate images and putting them into UN-real cdn systems would break and make developers to rewrite the whole code for image system).


    (Kızılay, ANKARA)

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