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  • RADYO arrives on Android

    Posted on July 15th, 2013 Cahit Crcioglu No comments


    After iOS, Mac OSX, Window 8 and Windows Phone, finally RADYO arrives on Android.

    Android version comes with premium features with $0.00 price tag. There are no seperate paid version of RADYO on Android.

    There has been a huge support from RADYO users and with the help of the beta test team who were composed of volunteers, even with the first version, RADYO (on Android too) outperforms all popular live radio applications (including paid versions of them) both in features and stability.

    RADYO couldn’t make it on Android without these people.



  • Microsoft Zirve 2012

    Posted on November 17th, 2012 Cahit Crcioglu 1 comment

    I was at the Windows 8 event on 15 November 2012 from 09:00 to 18:00. New devices running Windows 8 were shown and there were parallel sessions for what’s new with new Windows 8 and Microsoft. Here is what happened between 14 November and 16 November…

    On the plane, i was getting ready for the event with Dr. Bishop.


    Before eating Iskender with one of my friends who lives in Istanbul, i’ve eaten his “the world’s most healthy potato fries” with almost no fat. Now i was fully ready for the event.

    It was crowded and not only previously registered attenders were there.


    Tea, coffee, cakes between sessions and a nice lunch too.

    Some companies had stands. Software companies were continuously dragging their applications to the first page of the start screen and deleting competetive applications ( Nice (: ) There were a few models (girls) where i don’t like people looking nowhere else until crashing to eachother while walking.


    RADYO is one of the applications supported by Microsoft and i was very happy to see that the logo of RADYO was on the walls at the event.

    RADYO has a great partner: CASPER! Many beautiful new devices of CASPER has taken place at the event. (By the way, get a new CASPER and you will already have RADYO on your computer with premium features!) To be honest, Casper seems to be one of the brands which has beautifully designed computers that i would like to have one. The other one might be Acer. Eventhough there are many new computers of Asus, Sony, Toshiba, Acer,.. I also noticed that some of the new devices shown at the event look like Macbook and iMac.

    Printed brochures of CASPER includes RADYO too.


    In one of the sessions, I was honered to see RADYO on the presentation of Selcuk Uzun from Microsoft Turkiye. I want to thank to him and Microsoft again!


    Between sessions, while people were fighting for tea and coffee, sun was going down silently in Istanbul.


    After the sessions i hoped to see more people to watch and listen to the concert by Gürol Ağırbaş. Here is a small part of what they have missed by leaving early:



    The weather was cold but it was not raining while leaving Lutfu Kirdar Kongre Merkezi.


    What happens there, stays there.


    After spending some time outside,


    It was time to get back to the room.


    The next day, i have left Istanbul aka Isangard.


    It was a beautiful event and journey for me. Thank you to Microsoft again.

  • Dropping support for iPhone OS2.x

    Posted on March 19th, 2010 Cahit Crcioglu No comments

    This post/announcement is related to the projects i create for iPhone operating systems.

    I have been supporting even OS2.0 for all of my applications. And starting with RADYO‘s new version, i’ll be dropping support for iPhone OS versions below 3.0. So current owners of iPhone RADYO who have OS 2.x will not be able to upgrade to the newest version.

    – Usage statistics for last 3 months of my iPhone applications show that only %1.8 uses iPhone OS version 2.x

    – Usage statistics for last month shows that only %1.2 uses iPhone OS version 2.x

    I can consider 2.x as an old system (for myself) according to these numbers. iPhone OS’ new version is coming and also we’ll be using iPads. Both supporting OS 2.0 and adding new features takes more time both for testing and planning the project.

    Under these circumstances continuing to give support for OS2.x is not feasible anymore.