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  • Why RADYO is not named RADIO?

    Posted on May 22nd, 2014 Cahit Crcioglu No comments


    This is a frequently asked question related to my product RADYO. Most of the people who ask this question are either software developers or they work in a company which includes a software department.

    This post is far short than you can imagine.


    Here are the answers:

    • Every product may be an application but not every application be a product.
    • A product’s name, under normal circumstances, cannot be internationalized. (There are exceptions to this like “Coca-Cola” (not the company, the bottle) is renamed to “Koka-Kola” in Turkey for a limited or unknown duration.)
    • Why the Turkey originated jean company “Mavi” is not selling as “Blue” in USA?
    • Why Facebook is not named “Yuzkitabi” in Turkey?

    Ask your self about what is the difference between an application that is not a product and an application that is also product. You may still think that every single application is indeed a product, please let me know about your theory and share me the details of why every single application is exactly similar to a bottle of Coke, a jean, a car.