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  • Revisiting an old post: Harmless Future optimizations for xillions

    Posted on May 10th, 2013 Cahit Crcioglu No comments

    Once upon a time, I have written a blog post related to optimizations for X numbers of users: http://cahit.hayalet.net/blog/543/harmless-future-optimizations-for-xillions (opens in new window)

    I have found another good example to this today:


    Could you catch it?

    Live Tile of Mail application in my Windows Phone 8 device shows 478, the number of new/unread emails.

    The Question: Is it O.K.?

    For me, not.

    What would a possible response be?

    Dudetta! Read some mails and it’ll drop to 2 digits or just touch the tile for god sake!

    This answer is soooo COOL! O-yeah!

    The Question: Why not fix it?

    Possible Answer: Fix what?

    This may be an understandable problem for some and i respect them, however i do it for none of my projects. If i wait a little longer it will hit 4 digits. I just can’t answer users and customers with “Read some of them, just touch it and it’ll clear”. According to “me”, it should have been optimized for ironically large numbers of emails. I am almost sure that it wouldn’t take much time to change the tile design according to the number of digits of unread emails.

    I don’t think that they ever tested the tile for 3 digits, because I am sure that they would find a way to fix it (like decreasing font-size etc..)

    Supporting my old post, i still think that non-time consuming optimizations should be considered even at the first releases.

  • Surgery for broken iPhone Headphone jack

    Posted on July 4th, 2010 Cahit Crcioglu No comments

    If your iPhone, iPod or iABC device’s headphone is not working, or if you hear the sound but can not change the song or use the button on the cable at all, then this blog post may help you keep your money in your pocket.

    To make this long story short: Your audio jack may have dirt in it and this may be preventing your “remote control” signals from reaching to the device.

    Fix: Clean it up!

    Warnings: DO NOT try to clean it with a screwdriver, wire or any sharp objects, including needle. Why? You can make holes on the backside of the audio jack and you may also ruin everything.

    How i fixed it: I opened my iPhone. ( doing so may (and probably is going to) void your warranty ) Removed screws till i’m free to move out the audio jack a little. I had to move it out so i can open it’s bottom. Here is what i removed from it:

    ( After the surgery, you see the bullet on the right below the coin )

    How you can fix it: Get your device to Apple and they will remove it quickly. If you don’t want to do that, try your chance and try to remove the dirt with a non-sharp / rubbery object. If you are so confident, you can try sharp objects too, but be very careful. If that doesn’t work, then you’ll have to open it.

    Result: Perfectly fully working headphones!