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  • Google’s canonical tag experience report

    Posted on April 2nd, 2009 Cahit Crcioglu No comments

    Google has started a new standard with other companies like microsoft and yahoo for helping to determine content quality or similarity with a new unofficial html <link> parameter “canonical”. This is not fresh news! In this post, i want to share my experience with “canonical”. I’ll tell about how duplicates are decreased and significance of the pages increased quickly!

    I was developing a new customer-to-customer e-commerce project. Before that, i was working on a very big (huge traffic and search engine index = approx. 18 million+) blog service. ( in the top 10 of my country according to the alexa )

    While i was working on the e-commerce project, google announced “canonical” thing. By clicking here you can see my question to google related to this new release on that day. (Answer is in Maile Ohye’s response, you can see it here)

    People were talking about duplicate content and it’s penalty result. I’ve read lots of documents related to this from google and other people’s experiences. THERE IS NO SUCH THING.

    Ok.. There is something almost like that.. but not exactly. I am not a google engineer but i can guess ( even i could test and did ) it. Even people in my company was not understanding that, they were just looking straight ahead and telling that “OH! NO! Penalty! That can’t be used! If you do it, i’ll cry and i’ll want milk with some baby biscuits.”. They aren’t bad people. But on this topic, almost everyone produces their own theory. But theory gets end when you prove it… So… ACTA non VERBA!

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