"Consistency is the last refuge of the unimaginative.", Oscar Wilde
"Probably the best wish for a dreamer: Be underestimated", 잫읻 젤지옥루
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  • Rules for future 3d

    Posted on June 26th, 2009 Cahit Crcioglu No comments

    * This post may get updated time to time.

    3d panels, boards those do not require glasses will be banned from critical places. It won’t be nice to crash on those 3d panels or fly with the car to the wrong directions. There will be switchable eyeglasses that you can see 3d panels in 3d or you will be able to override panels’ functions and cancel the 3d affect by converting 3d to 2d easily or painting 3d panels to a matt paint like black. (eyeglasses will have these features) there will be groups of people trying to get 3d banned from everyday life, but they won’t succeed in it even they they’ll be right for some points.

  • Future of 3D Entertainment

    Posted on June 25th, 2009 Cahit Crcioglu No comments

    There will be three different (publicly available) ways to watch 3d tv or 3d videoes from different devices.

    One will include hologram technic, physically matching angles for eyes; so this will not require eyeglasses.

    Secondly, people will be wearing circular polarized glasses in home, while watching tv or movies. This is the way you see today in “Real 3D”.

    Third technic is a little bit confusing, it’ll be based on hitting the light to the surfaceyes those different in size. 360 degree view will also be availabe with this technic. However you won’t need to wear an eyeglasses for this, it’ll be hard to capture those videos. So there will be only one angle at a time, that you can not freely rotate the view.

    However nearly all of these technics are under development, only the second one is ready for public. We may expect to see similar technology in our cellphones and watches. These are not science-fiction.
    Tv stations will be outputting left & right eye’s video streams seperately. So it’ll be the tv viewers choice to select the 3D mode and combine those video streams and watch it in 3D, or selecting only LEFT or RIGHT stream and watch it in 2D as now. This requires some significant changes in tv broadcasting systems. So this will work only some local/special centers for some time. In the near future number of the people who go to the cinema/theatre to watch the movie will increase, because they will not be easily reproducing the effect and quality of that 3D. Many filmmakers nearly leave 2D and educate themselves related to 3D filmmaking.
    Technology is not something that you create something from nothing, but combining technologies together to create a new one. However many this are invented, you’ll see them many years later, because it’s not easy to announce it to public or to produce it or to prepare necessary infrastructure because of the money and the time. ( also you’ll not see many of them because they’ll keep your mouth shut… )

    Let’s see which one will win..

  • Near future of Gittigidiyor, Amazon, Ebay, Yemeksepeti

    Posted on April 25th, 2009 Cahit Crcioglu No comments

    There is “really” small amount of “new” technology, but there are always incredible amount of “new” inventions. New Inventions are generaly combination of old technologies. This post is about some of those possible inventions i’d like to dream of.

    There is already 3D.
    There is 3DTV (even you don’t have it in your home).
    There is WEB.
    There are animation technics.
    There is cinematography.
    There is anti-sociality.
    There is sociality.

    There are shopping / e-commerce sites.

    This post will be limited to a specific concept. 3D surfing experience!

    With the combination of current technologies and with some new methods, now shopping sites can be a 3D computer game!
    ( This is not fiction and it’s possible right now )

    Amazon, eBay, Etsy or Gittigidiyor.com, Yemeksepeti.com, Kitapyurdu.com,… These are just a few of the sites that you can imagine. Imagine that you are entering a 3d modeled library! You are going to (virtually walking to) the related shelves. You are searching for a book, you don’t remember it’s name exactly.. But you know it’s cover picture… You look up and down to the ordered books with your mouse. You find it, take it and go to the cashier, you can see many different payment options there visually! PayPal? You’ll see a post-box, you’ll open it’s door.. You want to talk to the person in charge? Go ahead and ask to the the employee..

    Ok, you want to sell your camera, you want to list it in second hand sites. You enter the shop and you pass through a special room; that room is only for sellers, you are making your arrangement and putting your photocamera to one of the shelves of the related department.

    Ok, you don’t want to sell or buy second hand things, because you are hungry!! You go to yemeksepeti.com which is at the 2nd street of the cyber-city. (yemeksepeti.com lets you order your meal from partnered restaurants like Pizza Hut, Burger King, etc..) When you enter to the cyber restaurant building, you’ll see those meals around! Someone should have paid more to put their meal to the store window (; But you don’t like it, you keep walking.. You see chinese food, and want to give it a try, when you try to reach it, some virtual person turns to you and says “Welcome, thanks for your concern, if you want to buy our special rice, you can take the food you are currently holding for free!”…

    There are nearly no limits.. Actually the popular game “Sims” can integrate it faster than anyone (:

    I want to leave it now for you to think about it yourself. (: 

    You got the start! Now do something before anyone else!

    Ok. No. This is currently possible, yes. But if you do it, don’t expect to earn money immediately. You need people to use it and since it’s totally a new habit, it’ll be hard for people.. (it’ll be more hard for people from older generations). You can not simply change well-known ways, attitudes, habits and people, suddenly.  If you do it now, you’ll be one of the first people/companies and you’ll have an incredible start. So it can be done in spare time, or if any company is brave enough to assign dedicated staff to do that, i don’t think that they’ll loose. Even you can’t run it, you can sell it!

    I think that someone out there is probably already doing it silently, but if not, after doing the project, please let me know it and give me a credit if  i lend a helping hand. Why i don’t do it? Well, give me some money so i can do it (:

    ( YES  again, it’s currently possible and you can dynamically interact with 3d worlds and the browser any time. One of those attempts comes from Google with O3D  . There are a few different studies and products related to this. This = two-way immediate interaction, 3d environment systems )

    “If you can dream it, you can do it.”, Walt Disney