"Consistency is the last refuge of the unimaginative.", Oscar Wilde
"Probably the best wish for a dreamer: Be underestimated", 잫읻 젤지옥루
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    Here are some projects that either i can show directly theirselves or some visual materials about. There are other projects that i can not show anything related them because of missing media files. There are also projects related to iPhone / Video / Audio / Other.

    You can get more information from here (about me) and here (more about me).

    Xtreme Robot Destruction – PS4 (2017)


    Nanovault – iOS & Android (2016)


    Radyo Live (2015) – The central system for RADYO project; the bridge between RADYO app’s native Windows, Windows Phone, iOS, WatchOS, macOS, Android versions.


    Android RADYO – (NDK) (2014)


    Windows Phone RADYO (2013) – Advanced Radio Player and Recorder for any Windows Phone device (Nokia, HTC, Samsung,…) Available in many languages.

    Windows Phone 8 RADYO


    Windows RADYO (2012) – Advanced Radio Player and Recorder for any desktop computer having at least Windows 8. Available in many languages. (Showcased in Windows 8 official launch event. Came preinstalled too with Casper Computers.)

    RADYO on Microsoft Surface


    Mac RADYO (2012) – Advanced Radio Player and Recorder for Apple – desktop computers. Available in many languages.


    Ringabella (2011) – Advanced Ringtone Designer (audio editor) for iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad (iOS) – Available in 2 languages



    Music video for “Cicibebe – Happy Birthday” (2011)First professional Turkish music video shot with iPhone 4 and aired on TV


    Gecekondu (2010) – ( Internet TV Viewer for Mac ) [requirement]



    RADYO (2010) – Radio application for iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad – ( 60 country radio stations with 8 languages in 1 application )



    Pasaj.com developer (2009) – pasaj.com developer – ( Customer to customer e-commerce, similar to the known project:etsy.com )



    (2008) – Smart Blog System with User Extendible Smart Widget Modules ( Similar to WordPress but different logic and system )

    Smart Blog System with Widgets



    Blogcu.com Developer (2008-2009) ( Fix / Optimize / Extend ) – blogcu.com developer ( Turkey’s blog service )



    hizliyaz.com Developer (2008) – hizliyaz.com owner ( How fast can you type? )


    (2007) – Multiplayer Online Table Games ( Web Browser game – Java Applet )


    Online Multiplayer Backgammon Java Applet




    kameramdan.com Developer

    kameramdan.com developer (2005) – kameramdan.com owner ( Professional High Quality video,”film” sharing )





    kim.hayalet.net (2003) – kim.hayalet.net owner – ( Photo sharing )




    OpenGL Billard Game (2005)




    Here you can watch how the billard game project was evolved:


    Get Adobe Flash player




    Speech Recognition (2005)



    Automated Device Calibration System (2004)



    Sparkle (2002) – Multipurpose user-game-server interaction



    “Half-Life” Title Translator (2002)

    Half-Life Title Translator



    Clan A.I. (2002) – Real-time  game clan management




    Gateway Connector (2002)



    SHTS (2002) – Real-time Serverside Cheat Detection System for games made on Half-Life Engine


    Portakal (2002) – Clientside Cheat Preventation System for games made on Half-Life Engine


    Forgivennight Statistics System (2002) – Near real-time statistics system for games made on Half-Life Engine