"Consistency is the last refuge of the unimaginative.", Oscar Wilde
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  • WWDC 2016

    Posted on July 2nd, 2016 Cahit Crcioglu No comments

    I had a chance to attend WWDC 2016 which took place at Bill Graham Civic Auditorium for the Keynote and the party and Moscone West for everything else. In another blog post I had shared some photos from the last year’s WWDC 2015 . That post also includes various places that you may want to visit while you are in SF; so you may want to take a look at that post too.

    This post includes public information related to WWDC 2016, SF, CA, USA. I am not allowed to share certain photos inside the conference building and WWDC party photos. Other than those, you can find plenty of information through out pages of this post if you plan to attend WWDC in the future. Even though the place can change, I believe that it will still be useful.

    On the last page of this blog post, I shared many tips that I think you may find useful; if you don’t want to see photographs or watch the videos, you may just skip to the last page.



    When you arrive at SFO, depending on where you will stay you can take a taxi, call uber or use public transport. I stayed at a hotel close to Moscone West.

    If you plan to attend to the conference you need to book as soon as possible because the price at the hotels close to the conference buildings will be very expensive when compared with almost any hotels. Apple can make agreements with 3rd party reservation companies to provide cheaper accommodation. (Apple is not responsible for the accommodation) Even though you can reserve your room through them, if you want to pay the cheapest price, I recommend you to “still” compare it with popular booking websites as you can book far cheaper.

    If you are like me and your hotel is close enough to public transport stations, you have to take the BART. The photo above shows the spot you have to wait. You need to take the train that goes to down town, which is normally at the left side when you enter the BART section from SFO. You can use ticket vending machines to purchase a ticket to the station you want to go. You can see how much you should pay on the paper located on the ticket wending machine. Roundtrip ticket is not cheaper, it is exactly the same if you purchase the return ticket later. So if you don’t have enough cash, don’t worry, you can purchase it right before you return to SFO from the down town. If you have time and enough cash purchase the ticket for the return too; so you won’t take out your cash from your pocket to purchase a ticket at the down town stations in front of other people.



    2 nights before the keynote. Powell St.

    Tomorrow I will get my badge, otherwise I have to wait in another queue to get the badge on the keynote day, which will prevent me from getting inside the keynote building after the main queue.

    In the previous years some people couldn’t get into the main keynote area and there was overflow-rooms to watch the keynote, but in 2015 and 2016 everyone was able to watch the keynote in the main area.



    I ate many times at Lori’s Diner located on the Powell St.

    If you plan to try there, walk the hill on the Powell St. Until you see it on the left. You won’t miss it as it has neon lights.


    If you want to get on one of these, you can purchase a ticket on the cable car, or if you plan to use it a lot in you may consider City Pass. These are not just for tourists actually, because there is no other public transport on Powell St. So, it is a necessary transport if you don’t want to walk (or take a cab/uber) along the Powell St. towards north. It is normally crowded, therefore don’t plan to get your huge luggages with you. You can wear a small backpack; in that case if you plan to hold the bars and stand on your foot all the way, wear your backpack in the opposite direction: wear it to your front, otherwise you will hit your bag to the face of people who sit in the cable car.

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  • Apple TV Tech Talks, Sydney

    Posted on February 15th, 2016 Cahit Crcioglu No comments

    I attended Apple TV Tech Talks this February.

    Here are some photos I’ve taken while in Sydney.

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  • Maybe, life’s a fetching game

    Posted on June 6th, 2014 Cahit Crcioglu No comments
  • Some Thames you feel greater

    Posted on April 12th, 2014 Cahit Crcioglu No comments

    Finally I found some time to add these lovely London photos I’ve taken recently.














  • The Hero – Mr. Steve Jobs

    Posted on October 5th, 2011 Cahit Crcioglu No comments

  • Nil Karaibrahimgil iPhone Application

    Posted on January 19th, 2010 Cahit Crcioglu No comments

    3 months ago I have completed the first phase of the iPhone application for *Nil Karaibrahimgil which only demonstrates some possible functions and a basic interface, acting as a skeleton for the real project. After contacting with Nil and waiting for feedbacks about the demo for some time, Read the rest of this entry »

  • Acta non Verba

    Posted on August 27th, 2009 Cahit Crcioglu 1 comment

    These days i see so many things that i’ve thought  years ago. In this post, you won’t find me supporting my incredible ideas. Every thinking creature in this universe has things in the mind, many of these may be nonsense, but everyone has an idea. You may have found something incredible, but probably someone else had already found it; it may not be existing yet. You may see many people, from your friends, family, tv,.. saying “I’ve thought about it!! I swear! I could do it!”. YES, BUT YOU DIDN’T.

    Çeşme, İzmir - Turkiye

    You have to be aware of the fact: You are not one in a million. ( ok, you are.. according to the point of view ) If you think that you find something (you can be sure that you are not the first one) and if it’s not yet done, do it! Don’t speak and stand still! Nothing is a unique, one-of-it’s-kind idea, but everything is undone.

    • Before facebook was even heard, i’ve made a site that is same ( except application system ) with the facebook and for the same purpose; it was a private site, only for classmates. After a while, after my classmates looses their interest in the site, i’ve stopped doing it, later we saw facebook. This was not a unique idea. Probably many people did similar things.
    • Before youtube was even heard, i’ve made a site that is similar to the youtube. Those days, it was a secret converting videos automatically for a web site. I had stopped doing it (it was working and usable), after i satistfied my desire for making a site/system kike that.
    • I’ve even made a photo sharing site that you can use everything from 1 page without leaving and everything is movable (drag/drop). Those days, these were not that easy. Today you can  put a jquery line to your code and do it in 5 seconds.
    • ….

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  • Harmless Future Optimizations for xillions

    Posted on August 27th, 2009 Cahit Crcioglu No comments

    Recently, there has been found a bug in iPhone’s camera roll display system. It’s related to the number of images taken with iPhone; if you take at least 10000 photos, you’ll face with this problem. Before returning to this topic, i want to tell about some similar problems:

    When i was working for Nokta Inc. (www.nokta.com) and creating a clustering system for uploaded images, i wanted to extend possibilities and push the limits for image and user counts. Any technic might work, but according to your solution, there might be so many works that you can not handle in necessary time; not feasible. So this could ruin the project’s evolving process and project plans. You might have to re-write many codes, redesign the whole system, maybe shut the sytem for a while… Because of this, i thought “what if every person in this world uses this system with more than one account”, people laughed at me in Nokta. But i designed it in my way ( in the same time duration ). Currently i’m not working in Nokta, but if they don’t rewrite the whole code, they won’t be facing with problems related to uploaded images system for a really long time. (However.. trying to seperate images and putting them into UN-real cdn systems would break and make developers to rewrite the whole code for image system).


    (Kızılay, ANKARA)

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  • Natali Yeşilbahar, one of the warriors

    Posted on May 1st, 2009 Cahit Crcioglu 1 comment

    don-quichotteNatali Yesilbahar is one of the real ‘sector warriors’. Sadly, many people start to sleep after reaching a good position in business by making one or all of their dreams come true, which is wrong for sure! But this problem can not be achieved by just hoping. However there are many people trying to reach somewhere, trying to extend possibilities in our life, trying to make that popular “innovation” things, it may not be enough. However we’re doing good, “OTHERS” may keep on sleeping which will certainly ruin the sector because of their big market share and background. Sector warriors keep  poking those OTHERS which makes everyone awake (hopefully). As one of these people, Natali Yesilbahar is really keen on doing this poking and recently she has been awarded with “Best/Favorite Blog” of the year 2008 award in Turkey’s “Golden Spider (Altın Örümcek) Web Awards”. However this award was not necessary to motivate her or let the people know that she’s doing good, it’s good that people are aware of one of those warriors. If you just learned about her, well it’s not to late to do something good!

    Congratulations Natali, keep fighting!

  • Near future of Gittigidiyor, Amazon, Ebay, Yemeksepeti

    Posted on April 25th, 2009 Cahit Crcioglu No comments

    There is “really” small amount of “new” technology, but there are always incredible amount of “new” inventions. New Inventions are generaly combination of old technologies. This post is about some of those possible inventions i’d like to dream of.

    There is already 3D.
    There is 3DTV (even you don’t have it in your home).
    There is WEB.
    There are animation technics.
    There is cinematography.
    There is anti-sociality.
    There is sociality.

    There are shopping / e-commerce sites.

    This post will be limited to a specific concept. 3D surfing experience!

    With the combination of current technologies and with some new methods, now shopping sites can be a 3D computer game!
    ( This is not fiction and it’s possible right now )

    Amazon, eBay, Etsy or Gittigidiyor.com, Yemeksepeti.com, Kitapyurdu.com,… These are just a few of the sites that you can imagine. Imagine that you are entering a 3d modeled library! You are going to (virtually walking to) the related shelves. You are searching for a book, you don’t remember it’s name exactly.. But you know it’s cover picture… You look up and down to the ordered books with your mouse. You find it, take it and go to the cashier, you can see many different payment options there visually! PayPal? You’ll see a post-box, you’ll open it’s door.. You want to talk to the person in charge? Go ahead and ask to the the employee..

    Ok, you want to sell your camera, you want to list it in second hand sites. You enter the shop and you pass through a special room; that room is only for sellers, you are making your arrangement and putting your photocamera to one of the shelves of the related department.

    Ok, you don’t want to sell or buy second hand things, because you are hungry!! You go to yemeksepeti.com which is at the 2nd street of the cyber-city. (yemeksepeti.com lets you order your meal from partnered restaurants like Pizza Hut, Burger King, etc..) When you enter to the cyber restaurant building, you’ll see those meals around! Someone should have paid more to put their meal to the store window (; But you don’t like it, you keep walking.. You see chinese food, and want to give it a try, when you try to reach it, some virtual person turns to you and says “Welcome, thanks for your concern, if you want to buy our special rice, you can take the food you are currently holding for free!”…

    There are nearly no limits.. Actually the popular game “Sims” can integrate it faster than anyone (:

    I want to leave it now for you to think about it yourself. (: 

    You got the start! Now do something before anyone else!

    Ok. No. This is currently possible, yes. But if you do it, don’t expect to earn money immediately. You need people to use it and since it’s totally a new habit, it’ll be hard for people.. (it’ll be more hard for people from older generations). You can not simply change well-known ways, attitudes, habits and people, suddenly.  If you do it now, you’ll be one of the first people/companies and you’ll have an incredible start. So it can be done in spare time, or if any company is brave enough to assign dedicated staff to do that, i don’t think that they’ll loose. Even you can’t run it, you can sell it!

    I think that someone out there is probably already doing it silently, but if not, after doing the project, please let me know it and give me a credit if  i lend a helping hand. Why i don’t do it? Well, give me some money so i can do it (:

    ( YES  again, it’s currently possible and you can dynamically interact with 3d worlds and the browser any time. One of those attempts comes from Google with O3D  . There are a few different studies and products related to this. This = two-way immediate interaction, 3d environment systems )

    “If you can dream it, you can do it.”, Walt Disney