"Consistency is the last refuge of the unimaginative.", Oscar Wilde
"Probably the best wish for a dreamer: Be underestimated", 잫읻 젤지옥루
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  • More About Me

    This page tells more about me. Here is a small list of some small parts of my whole story and not in the order of date.

    • For a little time worked on PvPGN – starcraft, warcraft,.. opensource server emulation project (for educational purposes)
    • Worked on the very first trully dynamically working Intelligent Gamer Clan System ( for especially but not only Half-Life Counter-Strike, Starcraft, Team-Fortress, Warcraft )
    • Worked on Half-Life engine to provide features to Counter-Strike in-game system otherwise impossible to do. Also worked on server-side cheat dedection and client-side cheat preventation systems. Created one of the first server-side cheat dedection systems for newly released client-side cheating methods.
    • Worked on real-time statistics systems for games Counter-Strike and smilars, Starcraft ( yes! ),..
    • Got professional education from Başkent İletişim Bilimleri Akademisi ( Baskent Communication Sciences Academy ) related to voice-over (dubbing) and acting.
    • Worked on client-side applications those provide interaction between the player(user) and game-server and web-server simultaneously in real time.
    • Worked on client-side applications for Nitrogamer.
    • Bought redrock M2 35mm adapter for dvx102b to experience and understand many aspects of cinematography.
    • Worked on serverside and client-side applications for Swgc.
    • Worked on kim.hayalet.net free image sharing and album creation site. (web1.0 times… and techniques but with web2.0 concept )
    • Worked on kameramdan.com free “professional video” sharing site (it had it’s own processing and streaming system also had used amazon S3 service). ( Youtube was not that popular and known in those days )
    • Worked on blogcu.com : Developed new features. Optimized the system load. Decreased server load and increased the speed by 90%. Created new url system, made search engine optimization ( there was none ).
    • Produced many video dvds (theatre plays); including shooting, editing, designing, burning to dvd’s, buying dvd boxes, putting stickers and distributing them.
    • Worked on hizliyaz.com : How fast can you type?!
    • Worked on pasaj.com : Developed the site from scratch in a very short time. Created (customer to customer) c2c e-commerce system and adapted Virtual-POS systems. Optimized the site for high-load and made seo (search engine optimizations) carefully.
    • Worked for Nokta Internet Technologies and Nokta Media.
    • Worked for Aselsan as an intern.
    • Bought Nikon D300 to experience and understand many aspects of cinematography.
    • Worked for Datasel Information Systems.
    • Worked on developing multiplayer online board games like “okey,backgammon” etc.. for a special company using java.
    • Worked on Apple iPhone to create Music Artist Applications for mobile world. ( there are many more )
    • Developed heavy desktop  applications for a special company using java and oracle.
    • Got many roles in many theatre plays in high school and university. By the way, i’ve played(danced) as michael jackson with his music “BAD” to the public when i was in kindergarden (: ) Also i’vce played(danced) Tarkan with his music “Hepsi senin mi” in primary school’s summer school.
    • Got education related to basic camera technics.
    • Worked on Flash Video Player and experienced Red5 server by coding receiver and manager applications in java.
    • Worked on speech synthesis and speech recognition systems.
    • Worked on an 3d OpenGL billard game with it’s own physics system which was made from scratch without using and engine from others.
    • Created an instant messaging system server and client with a friend.
    • Experienced different editing and compositing applications including Premiere Pro, Final Cut, Avid, After Effects.
    • Read/ing books on cinematography
    • Watching films
    • Collecting DVDs.
    • Tracking new things in technology, internet. Especially keeping an eye on web2.0+ and trends.
    • Working on mobile platforms.
    • Photographing.
    • Making music (keyboard)
    • Enjoying Lada Niva!
    • Amélie

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