"Consistency is the last refuge of the unimaginative.", Oscar Wilde
"Probably the best wish for a dreamer: Be underestimated", 잫읻 젤지옥루
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  • Acta non Verba

    Posted on August 27th, 2009 Cahit Crcioglu 1 comment

    These days i see so many things that i’ve thought  years ago. In this post, you won’t find me supporting my incredible ideas. Every thinking creature in this universe has things in the mind, many of these may be nonsense, but everyone has an idea. You may have found something incredible, but probably someone else had already found it; it may not be existing yet. You may see many people, from your friends, family, tv,.. saying “I’ve thought about it!! I swear! I could do it!”. YES, BUT YOU DIDN’T.

    Çeşme, İzmir - Turkiye

    You have to be aware of the fact: You are not one in a million. ( ok, you are.. according to the point of view ) If you think that you find something (you can be sure that you are not the first one) and if it’s not yet done, do it! Don’t speak and stand still! Nothing is a unique, one-of-it’s-kind idea, but everything is undone.

    • Before facebook was even heard, i’ve made a site that is same ( except application system ) with the facebook and for the same purpose; it was a private site, only for classmates. After a while, after my classmates looses their interest in the site, i’ve stopped doing it, later we saw facebook. This was not a unique idea. Probably many people did similar things.
    • Before youtube was even heard, i’ve made a site that is similar to the youtube. Those days, it was a secret converting videos automatically for a web site. I had stopped doing it (it was working and usable), after i satistfied my desire for making a site/system kike that.
    • I’ve even made a photo sharing site that you can use everything from 1 page without leaving and everything is movable (drag/drop). Those days, these were not that easy. Today you can  put a jquery line to your code and do it in 5 seconds.
    • ….

    Coming to the near past..

    By the end of 2007 i started to work in Nokta Inc. We were sharing our ideas continuously. Here were some of my ideas:

    • Let’s create a system that tells you what to watch that day according to the user habits. It has not been not by anyothers that day. It stayed as a line.. It was ignored. After 1 year, i’ve read a news saying that Gittigidiyor Team had started to a new project that tells you what to watch that day (:
    • Let’s create a system that will work as a the CORE for a distributed product video and management for all shopping systems accross the country. It stayed as a line.. It was ignored. After 1 year, i’ve read a news saying that Hepsiburada Team had started to a new project that integrates videos to the products. Ok, however it’s not the same, it’s a bit similar. ( Note, this still can be done! It’s not yet done! (if not, not popular and heard) Even across the all countries! (: I can help you extend the idea if you are interested in (: )
    • Let’s create a video blogging system. Video blogging was not common those days. Even now it’s not very very common YET. It stayed as a line.. It was ignored..
    • Let’s create a live blogging system especially for mobile devices that combines reality with virtual reality and show your way, position in the map while you are blogging. You could even bind advertisements virtuallay(real-time) on the tree for watchers… It’s not just stayed as a line, but also people laughed at it and me. After 1 year, augmented reality projects started to take place. Today you can see many projects like the ones in iPhone: you open camera of your phone and look around, while you are looking, pictures, informations,a videos, sounds related to those places becomes visible on the screen at the related portion of the view! For example if you are looking to the bridge, you see photos popping out from that part of the screen related to bridge, or bridge’s history. When you move the phone, surroundings automatically updates.. And then, i saw that Apple is working on object-recognition system (: Very basicly, when you point your camera to the bridge, it’ll tell you which bridge it is and related informations.. Think about the possibilities.. Other than this virtual reality mix, we started to see live blogging/broadcasting/streaming from many devices. Even professional media staff started to use live blogging/broadcasting now. (qik, justintv,blogtv…)
    • ….
    This list goes on and on..
    I’m not special but this is a real example to show you that unstarted-undone ideas are nothing. Do not be proud of a thing that you don’t do or you’ll always be proud of the things that you’ve never done in life.
    UPDATE: i’ve seen a related link and want to share it. It’s in Turkish because it’s writer (Burak Büyüdemir) wrote it mainly for Turkish entrepreneurs or entrepreneur candidates.

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