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  • And Cicibebe Rises

    Posted on May 27th, 2009 Cahit Crcioglu No comments


    Extraordinary Turkish Rock Band “Cicibebe” (my friends!) published their new album “Tabuttaki Son Civi” ( Last Nail in the Coffin ).

    They released their album (CD) with no content! It’s an empty, recordable CD for 1 USD/1Euro/1 TL. You can download entire album from their website: www.cicibebe.org and you can burn the album to the cd that you buy.

    You shall listen to their music!

    Cicibebe web site in English: http://www2.cicibebe.org/en/index.html

    Click Music link and click to the Center (Download image) of the music page to download the album.

    You can also watch their first music video: “N’olur affetmeyin beni” from their web site and from (TV) popular Music Channels.

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