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  • iPhone Music Artist Application

    Posted on March 26th, 2009 Cahit Crcioglu No comments
    Cicibebe iPhone App - 1 My first Music Artist Application is coming for the Turkish Music Group “Cicibebe”.

    Application includes standard features like other applications on App Store but in a different visual style. I didn’t want to stuck in the standard interface meanwhile not breaking usability and keeping an eye on the recommended way to get user attention and not trying to change user habbits on iPhone application usage.

    Shared features with other artist applications on App Store:

    • Main screen photos (swiping fingers to get the next one)
    • Music
    • Video
    • News
    • More
      • Biography
      • Discography
      • Other information screens combining especially text and images.
    • Information screens are made of standard components and limited to basic design.

    Some Distinguishing features that i can share

    • Not standard interface ( not standard = according to other artist applications )
    • Rss cache to keep the old news and to be able to read them if there isn’t an internet connection.
    • Viewing photographs in an infinite loop. ( there is no “final image”. final = first )
    • Flexable information screens can include nearly any kind of design.
    • Playlist!
      • Embedded playlist
      • Fresh playlist ( playlist will update itself on demand or on request, so artist can keep the fans updated without requiring them to update the application. Any song can be added or removed )
    • Ability to download or stream songs!
      • Embedded download manager. ( not violating apple rules )
        • ( Every kind of download including rss updates, playlist updates, etc.. can be seen, deleted or cancelled )
    • Ability to reach to the artist! ( Ofcourse by sending message)
      • User (fan) can send the their current location and request a concert in their area!
    • Other hidden features.

    The application’s core has the ability of being adapted to different artists from different music styles.

    I’m currently working with Turkiye’s well known social projects’/companys’ graphic artists, so i can’t wait to see final interfaces!

    As of today ( 26.03.2009 ) there is not such an artist / fan application including these features. If we see any of these features there, before the release of this application i’ll be glad that my ideas are copied and used (:

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