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  • Are Apple laptops worth it?

    Posted on September 1st, 2017 Cahit Crcioglu No comments

    The laptop(Asus G752) below the original (first one) Macbook, costs 3 times more than the Macbook.
    (Yes I have a keyboard cover for the tick laptop too)

    • it’s speaker is very bad
    • it’s screen is very bad (suffers from backlight bleeding)
    • it’s touchpad is inconsistent and inefficient
    • it’s ports are not designed correctly, mouse will hit to headphone jack or other jacks.
    • Sluggish operating system. (Win 10 pro)
    • Noisy (Even while idle)
    • It has more ram, more disk space, better graphics card, fasters cpu

    I checked other models too, even at this price point, the first 4 points are not acceptable… Macbook and Macbook Pros definitely are worth it. In addition to this, my macbook pro from the year 2009 is still working perfectly and fast with the latest macOS and yes it is still way better than the fat laptop shown here for the above 4 things (speakers, screen, touchpad, ports). 2017-2009 = 8 years… In 8 years, how many laptops would one change? How much would it cost at total? One may need to upgrade or renew their laptop while my 8 years old macbook pro is still working really good. As you can see, I am not an Apple fan boi on the other hand, everything is very clear… For sure it still depends on what one wants to do with their laptop, if it can be done on both types of devices and if it costs around the same, go for the Apple one. Less noise, less crashes, better overall quality, support and price per life.

    Unless Apple starts creating laptops with pc equivalent graphics cards, I will (I have to) keep renewing my pc laptop time to time for some of my projects. (By the way, I play my games on consoles, not on PCs or Macbooks)

    I am not saying that people should always buy Macbooks (or Pros), it won’t make sense for some people. So it depends for sure. All I am saying is, the price for the Macbooks are not just for the brand itself, those products (when compared with other laptops as I have shown in this post) is normal and there is a reason for that. If you find a non-Apple laptop that has similar quality with Apple laptops, check the price, probably it will be very close to (cheaper or more expensive than) Apple ones.

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