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  • Unity3D Unite Europe 2016

    Posted on June 5th, 2016 Cahit Crcioglu No comments

    You may not need unlimited travel passes (multi-use tickets); you may prefer riding a bike or walking. If you plan to use the public transport and you don’t have a ticket, you can purchase it on the bus, tram or metro. There is general a ticket counter on the bus and the tram. Get on it through the middle door where you see the ticket counter. Large denomination notes are not accepted on the public transport, so, don’t forget that you may need change as banknotes like €50 will not be accepted.

    A restaurant located at the city center where the walls are filled with banknotes and changes from countries all around the world.

    Back to home

    You don’t need any computers if you don’t plan to ask anything related to your project or if you don’t plan to attend the training day. If you have a small computer or tablet, that may be enough to take some notes if you want.

    Bring your business card and if you don’t have one, order one. You will need it unless you don’t plan to communicate with people (which won’t be useful but ok if you are that kind of person).

    Unite event is not just composed of sessions and showcases of games, but it also hosts companies with various products like motion capture, high quality video/audio compression codecs, particle engines, ready to use asset systems, etc.. You may return to your office with new partnership opportunities.

    Attend to parties and additional events whenever possible as you meet with more people from various countries and companies. You will be aware of them; you don’t have to worry finding information about them.

    You are not expected to join every session, though you may be surprised that even the session that you are not interested in may include something that can give you fresh ideas.

    I recommend Unity3D Unite events for anyone who is interested in games. You will learn what’s coming next, useful tips from Unity developers all around the world and you will also be able to ask your questions to almost anyone under the Unity3D roof, including the CTO.

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