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  • Unity3D Unite Europe 2016

    Posted on June 5th, 2016 Cahit Crcioglu No comments

    Unity3D Unite Europe 2016 took place in Amsterdam between May 30 morning and June 2 afternoon.

    I had a chance to visit Amsterdam again and this time it was for Unite Europe event hosted by Unity3D.

    The weather was almost always cold enough not to wear just a t-shirt and it was also hot enough to take off our jackets at noon.

    The beautiful Amsterdam


    And it’s bikes


    Funny moments from Zerolight’s demo

    Unite Europe took place at Westergasfabriek and it’s surroundings.

    The day before the Keynote. Here is where it began. The main building.

    Area included 4 different places for simultaneous presentations. You needed to chose your favorite sessions to join.

    This area was for the showcase of the games. Developers, producers were inside this area to show their Unity games and explain how they did their games in a relaxed atmosphere.

    Bikes everywhere

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