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  • WWDC 2016

    Posted on July 2nd, 2016 Cahit Crcioglu No comments


    A little break in the last day. You can pay it in cash but it most be exact. If you plan to travel a lot, get City Pass.




    Alcatraz Island. You can purchase a ticket from the ticket counter depending on the day, but I recommend you to take a ticket online 1.5-2 months before.






    Ok, let’s get back to Moscone West to finish the day.



    Thank you for your service!



    Super Duper!


    Thank you too!



    I am taking BART again and this time for going to SFO. If you are close to Powell St. The photo above is exactly what you will see.

    All righty then:

    1. Dress in layers
    2. Bring your laptop (which can even be a Macbook (not pro))
    3. Bring gigabit ethernet cable if your device does not have a gigabit port. You may find appropriate adapters (including usb-c) in the building where sessions take place, but don’t take the risk.
    4. If you bring a power adapter (for eg, from Europe), try to use a small one because it may prevent other people from using other power sockets.
    5. Charge your phone whenever it is possible.
    6. If you have an Apple Watch, wear it. If you don’t have, you don’t have to have.
    7. Prepare your questions where you couldn’t find any answer, you will have opportunity to ask them to the engineers who exactly created what you are working on.
    8. Try to make friends at every opportunity. Try not to dive in to topics like comparing Objective-C to Swift or the necessity of always using auto-layout it while talking with other people. If you are a foreigner don’t stick to your mate from your own country, it has more disadvantages than advantages.
    9. There are lunch sessions, take your lunch and watch them, they are great.
    10. You can find many popular and experienced people from the digital world. Your favorite people from your Twitter account may be at WWDC, check for their tweets and meet them, eat breakfast with them, etc.. That will be a good opportunity for many reasons.
    11. One one the best opportunities is the UI lab. You have to reserve your spot the day you want to visit UI lab. They are actually called consultations. You will have only 1 chance to present your questions. You normally won’t be able to reserve a spot for the second time each year. 1 reservation per person per WWDC year. You will have a very short time, so you have to prepare your questions clearly and to be able to explain your questions, you may have to explain your app/game. I do not recommend asking questions for 2 different project unless they are VERY specific questions; you won’t have enough time and you will probably receive a similar answer. The most important thing here is understanding the perspective of Apple designers. Generally you will be able to apply the solution to all of your projects. For sure, a game and an app may have different methodologies. Just be prepared and quick. By the way, I recommend you to visit Business and Marketing lab or similar labs before UI Lab because they may direct you to UI Lab related to very specific question and you won’t have a second chance to learn what may be going wrong. Reserving spots may require a quick and stable internet connection. While filling the required reservation form, do not try to give a lot of information or do not try to select a specific time as you will be racing with others to reserve a spot for that day and spots are limited. If you can’t find a spot on the first day, don’t worry, you will probably succeed until the end of WWDC.
    12. Try to find out if you can apply the new features to your ongoing project and if you can try to implement it in your free time and when you have a problem, go ask to engineers. This is a very important opportunity. If someone can’t answer your question or if you are not satisfied, wait a little and find another engineer and ask the same question. Engineers are voluntary to help but everyone is best at their own topic, so you may need to find the “perfect” person for your “specific” topic. If you find a bug file a bug report and share the bug id with Apple engineers. You can also discuss an old bug that is still happening.
    13. Bring test devices if possible as you may not want to install the first beta version of all operating systems. Generally they will be usable, but they may waste your time with unexpected crashes or behaviors and you may not be able to maintain your regular work while attending WWDC.
    14. There are breakfast, lunch and afternoon snacks. You may not like the choices, but they are fresh and you won’t be hungry or thirsty.
    15. You don’t have to attend to every single session, you can follow some of the sessions outside of the conference rooms. I cannot give more information about this but you will understand it when you see it. If the topic you are curious about is only being presented in a specific conference room and if you plan to implement new features related to that session, indeed you need to queue up for related session. Otherwise, you will always be able to watch those sessions (except lunch time sessions) online, later.
    16. Should you join the bash party? Why not? Absolutely. It is something that happens once in a year and you may not have another chance next year.
    17. Is it worth it? If you are reading this, it probably is for you. For me, it always is.
    18. There is a huge homeless problem in SF. They are generally harmless, but If you come face to face with one who is trying to interact with you, just ignore them. There are certain streets that I recommend you not to take (just in case) as both sides of the pavements are filled with homeless people. Actually there are different types of homeless people in SF according to me and most of them are harmless. If you have to stay close to them, try not to wear a t-shirt with words on it or symbols those can trigger a conversation. For anything else, use your common sense.
    19. If you do not plan to drive around, do not hire a car, the public transport is sufficient and good enough. Also the parking prices are generally very high.
    20. If you plan to stay in SF after WWDC to see SF, including certain day trips to north of Golden Gate bridge (like Muir woods, etc..), Monterey, etc.. 6 days will probably be enough, but I can’t promise as this really depends on your character and life style. If you plan to go to Monterey or probably to even Los Angeles, hire a car and take the route close to the coast. It will take your time, but you probably won’t regret it. Most of the places listed on internet for tourists are worth visiting them. You may not need a city sightseeing tour. As far as I can remember, I recommend you to see Alcatraz, Muir woods, Treasure Island, Coit Tower, Pier 39, Academy of Sciences, Exploratorium, Golden Gate bridge and you can even watch a baseball game; AT&T park is at somewhat walkable distance. If you have never seen a baseball match and if you have time, do it! It’s not just the game.

    If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to write to me, I may not answer some of the questions because of Apple’s rules and legal reasons but other than those, I will do my best to help you.

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