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  • Windows Phone 8 RADYO is out!

    Posted on February 27th, 2013 Cahit Crcioglu 3 comments

    Windows Phone 8 RADYOWindows Phone Download

    Windows Phone 8 version of RADYO is now available for download with zero price tag!

    Some of the features of the first version are as follows:

    RADYO is a comprehensive global radio entertainment application which lets you listen to various music stations all over the world.

    RADYO project has been active since 2009 with your sincere support and it has inspired many music applications during it’s development. Again, as we hope, with your help we will keep listening to radio with RADYO in the year 2013 too!

    We all love music! Different style, different life, the same feeling!

    • Customizable application home screen. Home screen will also be automatically arranged to make it easier for you to reach your favorite music!
    • Record your favorite stations to playback whenever you want!
    • Automatic Station Scanning. RADYO can change stations automatically until you like a station!
    • Listening History. You are looking for the song you’ve just listened? You can see what you have listened recently, find them on Youtube or Bing/Google with one click!
    • Multi-format support. RADYO supports nearly all popular streaming servers. You can listen to streams of Windows Media Servers, ShoutCAST, IceCAST and direct file.
    • Playlist file support. You can open .pls, .m3u, .m3u8, .asx,.. extensions.
    • radyo:// url protocol. RADYO supports it’s own url mechanism that lets listeners easily share stations between them.
    • Multi-Language and Multi-Region support! RADYO immediately localizes itself according to the current country and language.
    • Song – Artist images. RADYO will automatically show currently playing song’s or artist’s images!
    • Automatic station-list updating service.
    • Most listened stations
    • Auto-play last station
    • Favorite list
    • Sharing features (Between applications and Twitter – Facebook support)
    • Dynamic categorization and search system. Immediately filter out station list even in your custom lists or favorites list!
    • In-App contact form

    3 responses to “Windows Phone 8 RADYO is out!”

    1. Merhaba Cahit bey. Bende sizin gibi radyo yayını yapan bir windows phone uygulaması geliştiriyorum. .pls ve m3u gibi uzuntıları açmak için 3. parti bir kütüphane mi kullandınız yoksa kendiniz mi çözdünüz bu işi acaba? Uygulama çok güzel olmuş teşekkürler

    2. Hi,

      I am starting a radion station with a friend using shoutcast. I was hoping to write a wp8 app so that our listeners can listen while away from their pc.
      Could you give me some information on how you managed to get wp8 to play shoutcast stream? As I have tried everything but have been unlucky.

      Thank you so much, 🙂


    3. Cahit Crcioglu

      Dear John,

      You have to create your own socket connection as SHOUTcast servers do not obey HTTP standards. You may also need to create a custom media source which can decode the audio data you are working on.

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