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  • My “iyi ki dogdun” music video started airing on TV

    Posted on April 8th, 2011 Cahit Crcioglu No comments

    The music video “Cicibebe – Iyi Ki Dogdun”, directed by me, today started airing on TV.


    Thank You

    I want to thank especially but not only to Lea Kim (Rainbow Silo), Bora Yeter, Özgür Aydoğdu, 1000 Volt Post Production, Serkan Tavşanoğlu, Erdem, Kıvanç, Engin, Burak, Tolga Nemutlu, Steve Jobs.

    Behind the scenes

    This music video is also important because of the equipment and technics used in the making of it; probably the first professional music video shot with iPhone 4 according to the way it was used. iPhone was used to capture natural vibration of the instruments and capturing environment in vibrated positions without using post production effects. Sony EX3 and Letus adapter was also used in the making of this music video. Application used in the iPhone 4 is named “almost DSLR”.



    The music video


    Cicibebe on Facebook


    Cicibebe on App Store

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